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Selasa, 01 Januari 2019

A Desire to Help Others Diet Experience

From living with chronic migraines and discovering a tumor in her spinal cord, to fully recovering with help from the Hallelujah Diet, Donna Maria Vaughn has been inspired by her new lifestyle to learn more and encourage others to follow the same path to better health.

Back in the '90s, Rev. Malkmus came to speak at Vaughn's church and she was instantly moved by his presence. One of her roommates at the time was overweight, had a liver that was in bad shape and was also living with hepatitis C. The roommate began to pray, seeking the Lord's direction and encouragement from Rev. Malkmus because she didn't want to go on medication. Fast forward six months later after following the Hallelujah Diet and Vaughn's friend lost weight, was healed of hepatitis C and had noticed a significant difference in her overall health. That's when Vaughn was inspired to consider taking a similar journey.

Vaughn's Experience with Hallelujah Acres
Years after seeing Rev. Malkmus at church and learning about the Hallelujah Diet, doctors found a tumor in Vaughn's spinal cord. The surgery was said to be extremely dangerous, Vaughn said. "Right before I decided to get a portion of the tumor taken out, the Lord put it in my heart to try the Hallelujah Diet. I prayed and asked God, 'Please put someone in my life that can give me more guidance.

Soon after she met Rhonda Malkmus. With Rhonda's help and motivation, Vaughn started juicing and following the Hallelujah Diet. She began taking on this new lifestyle just six months before her surgery and noticed a difference almost instantly.

When I just started juicing, the pain and inflammation subsided and I had more energy than ever," she said. Then, three weeks after my surgery, I went from a wheelchair to walking 2,000 steps in the hospital and being told that recovery time was a year. It was a total miracle! Vaughn is excited to share that it's been over a year since her surgery, and her last MRI showed no signs of tumor growth.

Leading Others to Optimal Health
Since Vaughn's miraculous experience on the Hallelujah Diet, she's decided to take the courses to become a Hallelujah Diet health minister so she can spread the word and help others achieve optimal health.

The diet heals and restores our body quickly," she said. "I really feel like it's the lifestyle that God wants me to live, for health and recovery, and I want to help other people achieve the same goals. Beyond joining the Hallelujah Acres health ministry, Vaughn would love to start her own support group in Jacksonville, Florida, where she resides.

I want to start a Hallelujah Diet support group so I can connect with others who want to go on the same journey," she said. "My passion and desire is to help others. I want to get people together to share my experiences, new recipes and more so they can be encouraged to lead fulfilling, healthy lives.

Using the nutrients that God gave us for optimal health, Vaughn hopes to inspire others to utilize the tools He provided  to better themselves. God's medication of natural foods is truly the best medication.

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